A bit about letterpress
Moveable type - both wood and metal - were, not so very long ago, the methods we used to communicate the printed word. Whether a book of verse or a poster advertising the next pig auction, letterpress printing has a massive cultural tradition. Where the digital era has created a means of communication that is quick and immediate, the use of wood type - producing the kind of work that I do - forces us to slow down. To consider our words more carefully. To approach communication with consideration and honesty. Hence - The Wooden Truth.


To my mind each individual wooden letter - some of which will be over a century old - has a story to tell. When I add ink to it, it comes alive and it's story continues.

A bit about the press
I currently use a proofing press, probably made in the early part of the 20th Century. Originally it would have been used for just that purpose - creating a 'proof'. Type set for a newspaper or book would typically be inked on the proofing press to be checked or 'proof-read' before going on to the bigger, faster, mechanical machines. My press is hand- operated and is about as rudimentary as it gets. The type goes face up on the bed of the press, ink is applied, paper goes on the inked type and the roller goes over the lot creating an inky impression of the type on the paper. Depending on the paper a deeper impression can be created giving an additional 'pressed' effect. Each print is hand done like this and so it's a time-consuming process. No two prints will be identical due to the ink coverage never being exactly the same.

A bit about me
I've been a graphic designer for the last 23 years. Originally cutting and pasting scalpel in hand but, latterly (or at least the last two decades), much of it has been spent mouse in hand. I produce annual reports, brochures, school and college prospectuses and the occasional bit of branding. I generally work with public sector clients, some unions and a number of charities and have built up a good reputation among a growing base of clients. The Wooden Truth started as a small collection of woodtype and is now my passion, hobby, creative outlet and the thing I love to do. But that's not to say I don't enjoy what I do with the rest of my time. If you need a good graphic designer for your next project then get in touch. You can find more info and a see a portfolio here.